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Winner Info & Media Files Overview

The Winner Info & Media Files screen gives you a more in-depth look at your contest winner. 

The first section of the screen is the winner information & notes section. This will display all the information collected from the winner including custom fields. It is also where any notes about the winner have been made. 


If you’d like to add more notes, enter text in the notes text box and click the green Save Notes button.

You can also download a PDF version of all the winner information. (This is typically used for auditing purposes). Click the Download PDF button.

To claim the prize click the green Claim Prize button. To learn more about click HERE.

If the winner decides they don’t want the prize or they have become disqualified from winning you can forfeit the prize by clicking the red Forfeit Winner button.

And finally, if you need to make any changes to the winner’s information click Edit Winner. This will take you to an edit screen where you can change any information that was originally collected from the winner including custom fields.

Click Save Winner/Qualifier Information and you’re done.


The second section allows users to send emails to the listener. This can only be used to communicate with the winner about their prize or to get more information from them. This feature cannot be used for marketing in any way per spam laws.

Simply add a subject line, type your email and the green Send Email button.

If the winner replies, the reply will go to the email account associated with your SPARC Media Hub login.


The third section lets users upload files to the winner. This can include things like documents and audio.

  • Click the green Upload button
  • Locate and open the file on your computer

  • After uploading you can delete or download the file



The final section lets users send text messages to a winner. This feature is only available if you have texting enabled on your install of SPARC Media Hub.

  • If you only have multiple texting lines, use the dropdown to select which number you’d like to send this text from.
  • Enter the body of the text and click the green “Send Text Message” button.
  • If the winner replies, they will arrive in the main texting platform. To learn more about SPARC Media Hubs texting platform, click HERE.