Feature Breakdown

Scroll down to see a snapshot of what SPARC Media Hub can do.

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Stunning Design

It's easy navigate SPARC Media Hub, thanks to its gorgeous design.

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Mobile Friendly

Work at the office, home, a clients business or from your car.

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Secure servers to store all your data for your peace of mind.

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Share creative requests, prep ideas and more between multiple markets.

Built-In Phone Screener.

Screen your calls, add information about the caller so announcers know exactly who they are talking to. Integrated with Telos phone systems.

  • Control your phones from anywhere in the world
  • Build caller databases faster
  • Create a Calling Queue for topic or contest executions
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A creative workflow system that makes sense.

Know what everyone is working on and handle creative from multiple markets in one place.

  • Quickly assign and re-assign tasks to writers and producers
  • Auto enforce creative deadlines
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Giveaways done right.

Assign giveaways to dayparts or announcers. SPARC Media Hub can reconcile to make sure commitments have been met.

  • Search winners by phone number
  • Auto check for winner compliance
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Collaboration perfected.

Shows can work together on their prep. Sort content by "evergreen", "timely" and "tomorrow".

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Text-enable studio line

Finally a texting platform that is built in to your workflow system, utilizing information you already have!

  • Send GIF's and Emojis
  • See prizes your texter has won
  • Guess who is texting from winner list
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