Phone Screener

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Know Who's Calling

SPARCMediaHub's Phone Screener will look at your user database and previous winners to guess who is calling before you answer.

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Control Your Phones

Whether you're live in studio, or on remote, use a tablet or your computer to control your phone systems from anywhere!

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Calling Queues

Build a Calling Queue to have quick contest or topic executions.

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Add Notes and Build

Build your user database with each caller. Save the callers information for the next time they call and even add notes about the caller.

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Quickly Add Winners

Quickly add winners to any contests for the day. Simply by clicking on "Add Caller as Winner".

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Telos Alliance Integration

SPARCMediaHub controls your Telos phone system with ease. Place callers on hold, on air or in a calling queue all within SPARCMediaHub.
Learn more about Telos Alliance.