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Create a New Giveaway

This form should be used when entering a brand new prize giveaway into SPARC Media Hub.

  • Login to SPARC Media Hub using your favourite browser
  • Select AdminCP from the sidebar (If you do not see AdminCP, you do not have sufficient permissions)
  • Select Prize Management from the sub-menu. (If you do not see Prize Management, you do not have sufficient permissions)
  • Select New Prize Giveaway

  • Fill out each field.
  • Click “Manage Prize Assignment". 
  • On this screen, you will assign the minimum and maximum number of winners for this prize giveaway. 

  • Once you've assigned the minimum and maximum number of winners for the giveaway, click Create Prize Giveaway


What does each field mean?

Prize Title: This is the title that will appear on the prize calendar & dashboard.

Prize Description: This will tell announcers and other staff more information about the prize giveaway. This could include such information as contest execution, prize value or any off-air info for the announcers to give to the prize winner.

Client: If a client has sponsored this giveaway, select them from the drop-down menu. 

Prize Disclaimer: By default, this your default prize disclaimer but you can make changes for this specific giveaway. This disclaimer appears on the signature screen when winners are claiming their prizes. 

Select Station: Use the dropdown menu to select which station this giveaway will occur on.

Assign Type: Is this mention being assigned to individuals or to dayparts? If you have created dayparts for your stations they will appear once you select the station. (If you have not yet created dayparts and would like to learn how click HERE). Click on any daypart you'd like this mention to be assigned to.  If you'd like to assign this mention to a specific person change the assign type to "Announcer Specific". Click which person you'd like to assign this mention to. 

Giveaway Type: Where you decide whether this will be a one-time giveaway or a recurring giveaway. If you select one-time giveaway you will select the one date that this giveaway will occur on. If this is a recurring giveaway you will decide which days of the week and the actual dates for the giveaway.

Prize Delivery Option:  Is the prize ready for pick up by the winner at the station? If so select “Yes, Listener will pick up at station". 

If the prize is to be picked up at another location, will call for example, select “No, Specify Other Pickup Instructions”. 

If you'd like to offer the option for winners to have the prize shipped or to pick up at the station, select "Ship to Listener - Pick Up Option Available". 

If you'd like to offer the option for winner to have the prize shipped or to pick up at a location that is not your station, select "Ship to Listener - Other Pickup Option Available". 

If there is no pickup option available and you will only be shipping prizes, select "Ship to Listener - No Pickup Available".

Force Signature: If the prize is being picked up at the station do you require a signature form the winner? Select either “Do not require a signature” or “Make signature required when claiming prize”.

Prize Available Now?:  If the prize is available for pickup either at the station or a location that you’ve specified select “Yes, Prize Available Now”. If the prize is not ready for pickup select “No, Prize is Unavailable”.

Allow Custom Prize Value?: Allows the announcer that’s giving the prize away to change the value of the prize. This is typically used in contests where the value changes depending on how well the contest player does playing the contest. I.E – A contest where the player gets $10 for each correct answer they give or $1000 if they answer all 10 questions correctly.

Default Prize: The monetary value of the prize.

Link Prize Inventory: Where you will link to a prize you created in the Prize Tracker.

Qualifier List?: Want to take qualifiers for a grand prize instead of a winner for each giveaway? Select "Yes, Qualifier List" from the dropdown. This allows users to select a winner from a list of qualifiers.