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Remote Dashboard Overview

The Remote Dashboard is where all remotes are approved, assigned a team and where wrap-up presentations are created.

  • Login to SPARC Media Hub using your favourite browser
  • Select AdminCP from the sidebar (If you do not see "AdminCP", you do not have sufficient permissions)
  • Select "Remote Management" from the submenu. (If you do not see "Remote Management", you do not have sufficient permissions)
  • Select "Remote Dashboard" from the submenu.


The first section is "Remotes Pending Approvals"


This section is where an admin will approve and assign teams to remotes. To learn more about assigning teams to remotes, click here.

The next section is the remote presentations "To Do List". This list shows you all remotes that still require a wrap-up presentation. To learn more about creating remote presentations, click here



The third and final section is where you can see all upcoming remotes. From this window, you can assign or re-assign a team to the remote or view the remote request. This section is searchable to make it easy to find the remote you'd like more information on.