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Booking A New Remote

This form is only a request and will not be added to the calendar or list of remotes until it is approved and assigned a team.

  • Login to SPARC Media Hub using your favorite browser
  • In the menu bar, click on "Book New Remote"(If you do not see Book New Remote, you do not have sufficient permissions)
  • Fill out the form provided.


What do all the fields mean?

Client: Select the client from the dropdown menu. This field is also searchable.

Station: Select the station this remote will be on.

Remote Date: Click on the remote date field and select a date (Dates unavailable will be greyed out. The system will automatically adhere to remote restrictions set by the super admin. If the weekly remote limit has been reached, then the whole week (Monday-Sunday) will be greyed out. If the day has already reached the maximum number of remotes, it will be greyed out).

Remote Start Time: Select the time the remote starts. This is when the broadcast starts not when staff should arrive.

Remote End Time: Select the time the remote ends. This is when the broadcast ends not when staff is scheduled to work until.

Remote Address: Type in the exact address or name of the business and the city. RSPARC Media Hub uses Google Maps and the value entered will be searched in Google and populate directions for staff.

Setup Location: Specify a setup location such as outside, inside near the doors, or any specific location on site. If you don’t know the setup location, type something like “TBA” and you can add the information at later time.

Request Announcer: If the client has requested a specific announcer, select yes. (If yes, a new dropdown will appear, select the announcer requested in that field). This does not guarantee you will get that announcer but informs the admins that you have requested them.

Does Event Require Street Team?: If yes, a station event request will be sent to promo to assign street team, station gear and so on.  

Are we allowed to hand out promo material?: Specify whether staff are allowed to hand out station promotional material. Some clients do not want the station to hand out stickers or other “swag”.

Are we handing anything out for client?: Are staff requested to hand out material from the client? If so, specify what material they will be handing out

Remote Objective: Next field is asking for the objective of the remote, such as increase foot traffic, test drives, sales, etc.

Contact Name: Specify the main contact of the day. This information will be made available to staff, so they know who they are looking for when they arrive.

Contact Phone #: Provide a phone for the contact that will be on site the day of the remote.

Any additional fields after “Contact Phone #” are “custom fields” created by your company’s admins. If you have questions about these fields contact your admins.

Additional Comments: The last field gives sales the option to add notes for the staff or admins about the remote.

Once a sales rep clicks "Submit Remote Booking", the remote is automatically reserved and programming receives the request and will start assigning tasks to ensure a successful remote for your client.

NOTE: If you’d like to submit this request then create an identical copy, click “Submit Remote Booking and Duplicate”. This is used when the information for a request is identical except for one or more fields. For example: Your client wants to book 3 remotes, all the information is the same except the date.