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Submitting an Event Request

Every single promo event in SPARC Media Hub begins by submitting a Event Request.

  • In the left-hand menu bar, click “Submit Event Request”. (If you do not see that option you do not have proper permissions to submit promo requests. To gain access, contact your system admin.)
  • Fill out all the fields in the new promo request form.

Any additional fields after “Objective At Event” are “custom fields” created by your company’s admins. If you have questions about these fields contact your admins

If there is any other document (flyer, talk points etc) you can upload them to the promo request as well. Simply click on “Upload” & locate the file(s). Once you’re ready, hit “Submit Event Request” and you’re done!


NOTE: If you’d like to submit this request then create an identical copy, click “Submit Event Booking and Duplicate”. This is used when the information for a request is identical except for one or more fields. For example: You want to book 3 events, all the information is the same except the date.