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Promo Dashboard Overview

The promo dashboard is a one-stop dashboard to quickly see a full list of upcoming station events and a snapshot of all other promo items such as Mentions, Remotes and Prizes.

  • Login to SPARC Media Hub using your favourite browser.
  • Select AdminCP from the sidebar (If you do not see "AdminCP", you do not have sufficient permissions)
  • Select "Event Management" from the submenu.  (If you do not see "Event Management", you do not have sufficient permissions)
  • Select Promo Dashboard (If you do not see "Promo Dashboard", you do not have sufficient permissions)


You can search all upcoming events, sort by station, date or event name. For all the info or to make a change on a station event click "View Event". To learn more about making changes to events click here.

The four tabs at the top of screen show real-time stats & are quick links to different sections of SPARC Media Hub.

Active Mentions: Number of active on air mentions currently scheduled. Click View Active Mention(s) to see a full list.

Upcoming Remotes: Number of remotes that are approved and scheduled. Click View Upcoming Remote(s) to see a full list on the Remote Dashboard.

Upcoming Events: Number of events that are approved and scheduled. You’ll see the list of events below the four tabs.

Unclaimed Prizes: The number of prizes that have not yet been claimed by winners.  Click View Winner List to see the full list of unclaimed prizes.