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Blocking a Texter

Someone driving you crazy on your text line? Maybe they're mean or rude. Whatever the reason, you want them gone. No problem! You can block any phone number in SPARC Media Hub's texting platform. 

Step 1. Open SPARC’s Texting Platform

  • Login to SPARC Media Hub using your favourite browser. This can be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge etc. 
  • Select Text System under Tools in the left-hand menu 
  • Once in the Texting Platform select the "Texting Tools" dropdown and click "Blocked Numbers" 

(If you do not see any of the above, you do not have sufficient permissions.) 

Step 2. Add Phone Number

  • On the left-hand side of the Blocked Keyword screen, add the phone number you'd like in the Phone Number field. 

  • Click "Block Number" and you're done! 

    You have questions, we have answers!

  • Will the listener know they've been blocked? Nope, as far as they know you've just ignored them.  
  • Can any user block numbers? As long as they have the permission turned on, absolutely! 
  • Can a phone number be unblocked later? For sure! Just go to the block list and delete them.