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Main Settings

Configure System Settings

The beautiful thing about using SPARC Media Hub, is how simple it is to customize to meet your station's needs. Every station is different when it comes to resources, staffing levels and more. Using SPARC Media Hub, it is very important to be able to change certain settings quickly when the need arises.

  • Login to SPARC Media Hub using your favourite browser
  • Select AdminCP from the sidebar (If you do not see "AdminCP", you do not have sufficient permissions)
  • Select "Super Admin" from the submenu. (If you do not see "Super Admin", you do not have sufficient permissions)
  • Select "Config System Settings"
  • Change settings accordingly

Company Name (Long): Your company name and market. This is used is on Remote Presentations. Ex: ABC123 Broadcasting Dallas

Company Name (Short): A shortened version of your company name. Only used for internal use. Ex: ABC123

Feedback Email Recipient: This is used if you would rather have your staff's feedback emails go to a person within your organization instead of sending directly to SPARC Media Hub development staff. 

Days before prize expires : Changing this setting will change the number of days before a prize expires. Once expired a prize will "grey" advising the receptionist. When a prize is greyed, it means that the prize is passed a specified amount of time and the prize may no longer be available..

Days before winner can win again : The number of days that a contest winner must wait before they are eligible to win another prize from your station.

Remote Daily Limit: Change the number of remotes per day. You can change this at anytime. Changing this will allow for sales reps to book a specified number of remotes per day, per station. Any remotes currently booked will not be affected should you lower the limit when remotes are already booked. If there is one day that you need to book more than the specified number, you can temporarily change the number to allow that one remote to be booked, then revert the setting to your needs.

Remote Weekly Limit: Change the maximum number of remotes per week for all stations.

Default Prize Disclaimer: The default disclaimer for all prizing. This is the disclaimer that will appear on the tablet during signature of the contest winner.

Every other setting will be set by SPARC Support Team and should not be changed unless instructed to do so.

Tablet Signature Link: This is the URL link that is used for digital signature on a tablet for prize winners. 

Auto Approve Mentions in Campaigns: Have this setting set to "Yes" to automatically approve mention requests within Campaigns. 

Auto Approve Giveaways in Campaigns: Have this setting set to "Yes" to automatically approve giveaway requests within Campaigns.