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Editing A Client

So we've added a client into SPARC Media Hub, but now we need to make a change. No biggie! It's simple! 

  Why would I need to edit a client?

  • Name change: You get a call from you client, they're rebranding or are under new ownership. This may require a name change.  
  • Change Account Executive: Was there a client shuffle on the sales team? Maybe a sales team member left the company. This is where you change the account executive for a specific client. 
  • Change of Creative Team: Was there a change internally or just looking to change up the creative team assigned to a client? Make that change here. 
  • New Logo: If your client updates their logo you can update the one you have on file here. 
  • New Contact; If you need to add or change any contacts for a client. 

Step 1. Open SPARC Media Hub's Client Management 

  • Login to SPARC Media Hub using your favourite browser
  • Select AdminCP from the sidebar 
  • Select Client Management from the sub menu. 
  • Select View All Clients
  • Find the client you wish to edit in the list
  • Click Edit

Note: If you do not see any of the above, you do not have sufficient permissions.

Step 2. Make the changes you wish to make.

  What do the fields mean?
  • Client Name (Legal): Start by entering the legal name for the client. Your traffic system should be utilizing the client's legal name as it should appear on their invoice. By using the same name in your traffic system, this makes it easier for your creative team to find orders, prevent errors and assign cart numbers. If a car company uses their Parent Company ("Massive Car Company Ltd.") as their legal name, but you only deal with their used car side of the company ("Best Used Cars"), enter it as ("Massive Car Company Ltd - Best Used Cars") in SPARC Media Hub.

  • Account Executive: Select the account executive (sales rep) for this client.
  • Duplication Override: The duplication override allows you to duplicate a client entry. If you have multiple account executives on the same client, repeat these steps as many times as needed, e.g.: House Accounts. The system will automatically check to see if the client is already in the system and prevent duplicating a client, however, if duplication override is set to "Yes", you will be able to add the client regardless how many times it is in the system.
  • Default Creative Writer: This is the writer that will automatically be assigned to any task for this client. (If you do not assign a default writer, you will manually select a writer once a task is created)
  • Default Producer: This is the producer that will automatically be assigned to any task for this client. (If you do not assign a default producer, you will manually select a producer once a task is created)
  • Upload Profile Photo: The last field gives you the ability to upload a logo for the client. This logo will show up in places like the Client Profile and Remote Presentations.

Step 3. Add/Edit/Remove Contacts.

Below the main client details you'll see the contacts section. Any changes made for a client's contact will happen here. 

Add a contact 

  • Simply fill out the four fields provided with the contact's info. 
    • Contact name: The first and last name of the client contact. 
    • Job Title: The contact's job title for the client. 
    • Email: The best email address to reach this contact. 
    • Phone: The best phone number to reach this contact. 
  • Once all four fields are filled out, click Add Contact.
Note: Only the Contact Name and Email are required. Job Title and Phone info are optional.