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Setup Auto Import Feature within Wide Orbit

SPARC Media Hub is proud to allow users to automatically import commercials into their Wide Orbit Radio Automations. The automation must support an FTP connection to pull in the commercial spots.

The following steps are specifically for the Wide Orbit Automation for Radio (WOAFR).

Step 1:

Go to the Media Importer page within the Central Server. When on the Media Importer Page, add a new Directory.

The following form will appear. The information required including "Path", "Username" and "Password" will be provided by SPARC Media Hub Support. Enter the information in the form as shown below. In the "Folder" setting, ensure the category you wish to import is entered here. (e.g: COM for commercials, or PRO for promos).

The work folder should be the local folder on the CS Server and may be prefilled by WOAFR. This is the local network folder that you would normally save files to import into WOAFR.

IMPORTANT: Ensure the "Don't delete files" is unchecked. This is to ensure that the WOAFR central server WILL delete files from the FTP Server after import. This sends a confirmation message to SPARC notifying the user that the audio has been imported.

Step 2:

Add a new rule for the import. 

Ensure that you label the rule name something similar to "SPARC IMPORT RULE". In the example below, we're labelling it as "CFV" which is the commercial category label. The rule should be "If File Name Is valid Media Asset number". 

"Convert sample rate to" should be set to "44.1K".

"Convert compression to" should be set to "Linear".

Step 3:

Go back to the directory you just created, and ensure that the rule you had just created is linked.

After clicking the rule, you'll get a tickbox of all the rules. Click the correct rules and click save.